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A Perception Box is an invisible mental box each one of us lives inside that colors and shapes everything we experience.

All of our content is designed to help you understand your own personal, private Perception Box— and learn to work with it.

Perception Box Science

Everyone, even the most enlightened person, is a prisoner within their own conscious and unconscious experience of (perceived) reality. Discover the neuroscience behind how this works.

How we view and interpret the world and its inhabitants is dictated by our genes as well as the physical and social environment in which we were raised (“nature” and “nurture”). We absorb cultural norms, that is, spoken and unspoken rules as well as conscious and unconscious assumptions and biases about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, situations, and goals that we then use to construct meaning and narratives that dictate the trajectory of our lives. These priors are shaped by personal experiences, both beneficial and traumatic, that can reach all the way back to early childhood events and constrain the way we respond to social situations, to individuals based on their in-group vs. out-group affiliation, looks, skin color, actions, language, and other cultural signifiers.

Perception Box Watch

The Science of Perception Box
Jim Fadiman

Perception Box Questions

Want a fast way to get people to stop signaling, bragging, fronting, and masking who they really are and just get REAL with one another (and themselves)? 

Click on View All Questions below to see the entire list, or if you’re feeling brave try the AR Filter and let fate choose a question for you!

Who are you still trying to please?
What do you want people to believe about you?
Who would you be if you dropped all your identities?
(Athlete, Straight-A-Student,
Executive, Artist)
What's comfortable to you but also limiting?
When did you feel truly celebrated?
What do you imagine other people assume about you?
When have you let go of a deeply held conviction?
What action do you want to take but don’t feel ready yet?
What's comfortable to you but also limiting?

Perception Box Tools


It's simple, easy, and faster than chasing down that driver that cut you off.

Body Awareness

Get distance from your mind by befriending your body.

The Perception Box Process

The steps we’ll be using to expand the walls of your Perception Box.

Perception Box Exercises

Conflict with Self

It’s not always other people we’re in conflict with. Sometimes (a lot of times) we’re in conflict with ourselves.

Conflict with Others

We’re all prone to conflict, right? Getting aggravated with others is part of being human. Whether you're frustrated with friends or family, colleagues or strangers, we got you.

Check out the dialogues below. See which ones feel familiar. Download the conflict closest to yours and gain new insight into other people and yourself. Armed with new knowledge, you can now move forward in a way that will serve everyone.