We exist to help people

Audacious goal, we know! What kind of conflict are we talking about? 
The inside kind.

It's our perspective that most of the EXTERNAL conflict in the world is the result of unconscious, unresolved INTERNAL conflict in each and every one of us.

How do we discover the hidden conflict inside of us?

By becoming
aware of our
Perception Box.

Ever wonder why your partner goes Tasmanian Devil in traffic jams while you just shrug? Or why you have such a hard time setting boundaries with parents when your sibling has no problem saying "hell no!" Everyone has something that triggers panic or turns their blood cold.

Curious how Perception Box stories can cause you to react the way you do?
Interested in learning more about how we do it?
Want to dive deeper into the vision with our founder Elizabeth R. Koch?


We embrace all of you — bad smells, guilty conscience, blurtsome babblings, painful secrets— so you can embrace all of you.

We seek to address problems minus the energy of blame.

We’re not here to find a “middle ground.” We’re here to pioneer NEW ground, together.

We take no position. We are a space for you to explore dropping your position and living in a more expanded Perception Box.

We are a safe space for you to get triggered — so you can regain agency and power.

We’re not here to teach you. We’re here to remind you of what you already know.

We are not a dialogue. We are an experience.

We're all heroes for one another. When you share, everyone is served. When you ask questions, it guides others to the answers already inside them.



Allowing people and circumstances to be how they are in order to understand them before rushing in to change them


Recognizing we don’t have all the answers. 


Leaning into the unfamiliar with interest and humility.


Inviting in new and alternative perspectives.


Holding space for the pain, upset, and discomfort of others and ourselves.

Bridging Divides

Understanding and learning from one another.


Sharing our gifts with others in order to contribute to the greater whole.