Unlikely Collaborators pursues four distinct but interconnected paths that expand our Perception Boxes and help us resolve the conflicts that hold us back as individuals, communities, nations, and humanity as a whole.

Unlikely Impact

We collaborate with leaders and communities untangling Perception Box issues across the US.

Our partnerships prioritize people with intimate, lived knowledge of the conflicts, problems, or crises they seek to resolve, ensuring that our support goes to solutions rooted in credibility and empowerment. If unexamined, the stories we tell ourselves – and each other – become deep-rooted societal and institutional issues that collectively hold us back. We support leaders and learners committed to disarming these Perception Box issues in every far corner of the universe (ok, planet). The leaders and cohorts we support are hungry to collaborate, seeking unexpected approaches that untangle Perception Box stories from within. Sound like you? Get in touch!

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Unlikely Investments

We invest in minds (over matter)

We invest in people. Sure, we care about products and services, business models and presentation decks, but for us, it’s about the human being. Do you know why you do what you do? (Are you sure?)

We invest in leaders whose hearts ache not only to expand Perception Boxes (in their own wildly whip-smart ways), but who unceasingly, unpretentiously seek to expand their own.

While most of our investments have been at the early stages (seed and Series A) across areas like mental health and wellness, neurotechnology and psychedelic medicine, we’re open to all manner of unpredictable collaborations.

BeeyonderFreethinkFrequency BreathworkGreyMatterMultidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic StudiesNorthStar CareRapportSIY GlobalWisdom Ventures

Unlikely Storytelling

We explore how stories not only can distort our view of the world, but how they also connect us.

We celebrate stories that delve into the unexplored territories of our lives. Our books, writing programs, and media embrace writers and creators who ask more questions than give answers, fearlessly pushing beyond stereotypes and defying assumptions and biases. Stories that rattle the walls of our Perception Boxes lengthen the heart’s reach, expanding the boundaries of who we think we are, and what we think we know.

Unlikely Experiences

We create provocative experiences that help uncover who you are.

We believe that the only way forward is inward. Our experiences dive deep, blending meditation, psychology, eastern and western philosophy, and neuroscience into a process of self-investigation that will change the way you see yourself, others, and the whole damned world. It can be fun, torturous, hilarious, berserk – but never boring. When you take the time to truly investigate your Perception Box, you discover something shocking: Shit ain’t as bad as it seems. In fact, it’s kind of joyful. Don’t believe us? Expand the walls of your Perception Box and see.