Unlikely Collaborators

We create tools and experiences—including workshops, ongoing community sessions, and storytelling events—that guide people to investigate their own stories.

To find what self-defeating thought patterns and unconscious blocks may lie within. And to expand those narratives in ways that allow them to thrive, to nurture supportive relationships, and ultimately build a more compassionate, radiant world.

Our Philosophy

Unlikely Collaborators exists to encourage individuals to bring together their whole selves—the parts they know and love with the parts that are buried or that they struggle to understand or see—and to embrace this wholeness and the contrasts within it that make us human. By continually highlighting our common human experience, we work to reduce the perceived divides between people.

We believe this work is best done in community.

At Unlikely Collaborators we foster a supportive community of engagement and sharing —where vulnerability is a strength and where courage is defined by how open one’s heart is.

Elizabeth Koch

About the Founder

Over the past decade, Elizabeth Koch has helped launch an ensemble of companies innovating in the fields of publishing, media, and transformational experiences aimed at inspiring authentic self-exploration as a means of fostering greater compassion for oneself and others.

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